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Episode 11 of my story.

Posted by V1ZION - August 18th, 2022

You can read the entire story so far here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1507343

Ep 11: Escape

Comet wakes up and tries to shake Galaxy awake too. Galaxy stretches and yawns.

“Well, look who finally got their beauty sleep,” she says, smiling.

Comet smiles in return. Galaxy gets to her feet and they head for Shadow’s hideout. While they head there, they both talk amongst themselves.

“So, what have you been doing?” Galaxy asks Comet.

“Trying not to die,” Comet replies. “And I guess trying to annoy Shadow as much as possible. I probably annoyed her too much and that’s why she captured all my friends.”

Galaxy smiles. “Are Electro, Zappy, and Wave cool?”

“Yeah, they are. Turns out, even though they take orders from Shadow, none of them wanted to capture me. That’s how I first met Electro and Zappy. Well, Zappy actually did capture me, but surprisingly, she let me go afterwards.”

Then the question comes out: “Do you like Electro?”

Comet’s instantly flustered. “I-I-I… no,” she stammers.

Galaxy doesn’t buy this at all. “You definitely do.”

“Yeah, I do.” Comet says, dejected. She starts to turn red.

“Don’t worry,” Galaxy says. “I used to have feelings for someone too.”

After talking for a while, they reach Shadow’s hideout. When they go inside, Shadow isn’t there. She must be out looking for them. So they take this opportunity to free the group inside the cell.

“Hey, Comet!” Glaceon exclaims.

Comet sees Glaceon and smiles brightly. She was so happy she was safe.

“Oh, Glaceon! I came up with a nickname for you,” Comet says. “Do you like the name Blizzard?”

Glaceon grins. “I love it! Blizzard sounds great.”

Wave looks at Galaxy. “Who’s the Espeon?” he asks, and then winks at her with a smug smile. Galaxy looks at him in disgust.

“Her name’s Galaxy,” Comet answers. “I don’t think she’s interested in you.”

Wave slumps over dramatically. Galaxy smiles at Comet.

“Guys, sorry to interrupt, but how exactly are we getting out of here?” Zappy asks.

Comet nods over to the key hanging on the wall. Galaxy uses her telekinesis to bring it over, and then unlocks the cell. Everyone was free. Electro is the first to come out from the cell. He runs to Comet and hugs her.

“I missed you,” he says with a big smile.

Comet looks over at Galaxy, and Galaxy nods at her. Comet is starting to feel more comfortable being with Electro. She smiles.

They run to the exit but someone is blocking it. It’s not Shadow, though. It’s an entirely different Pokémon. A Luxio, but no one knows his name. Zappy wasn’t looking and runs into the Luxio. Comet winces, afraid she made him angry. But instead, he just smiles at her.

“Hi, Zappy.”

Zappy looks up and smiles awkwardly at him.

“Um, Zappy?” Comet says. “Who is this?”

Zappy looks back at the group.

“Everyone, meet my boyfriend.”


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