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My name’s V1ZION, a GarageBand music producer who has Autism.

"Kira" is a female persona that I made in Roblox. Her official avatar is shown in my profile picture.

Kira (not real name lol) @V1ZION

Demiboy, he/they


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Hey, it’s V1ZION. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted literally anything on this site but I want you to know that I am still alive and well. However, something really stupid came up last year which made me inactive indefinitely. My Google account was terminated and my parents also figured out I talk to people online which they were really against for some reason.

For clarification, I’m 17 years old. It doesn’t make any sense that I wouldn’t be able to talk to people online because this is the day and age we live in now. And the thing is, they let this happen for like 6 years. So it’s their fault, I would think. But anyway, since my absence, I have not been online on literally anything, so sorry for my sudden disappearance. I’m still actually going to be inactive for quite a while more. I’m typing this on an iPad that is not mine so after this I will be gone again.

Something that I’ve really hated was not talking to my friends. I have a few friends who were especially close to me on Discord and now I can’t talk to them anymore. I can’t even talk to my girlfriend. She knows about what happened, but I miss her every day and I can’t do anything to talk to her. And just recently, I made a friend on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe of all things and they asked for my Discord. I had to say no, which really sucked because I wanted to talk to them more.

But a good thing is that I got reconnected with an old IRL friend since they moved closer to me. She doesn’t have social media but she wanted to go by sakuraVN so that’s what I’ll call her. She was a friend I had when we went to middle school together but we separated because she moved away, then she moved back just last year. She was gone for two years, so seeing her again made me really happy.

Ok, I’m a bit of a mess right now. But that’s what I wanted to share. Sorry about my inactivity. Someday I’ll return. Hopefully.