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Episode 10 of my story.

Posted by V1ZION - August 13th, 2022

You can read the entire story so far here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1507343

Ep 10: Sleep Deprived

Zappy wakes up inside a cell in Shadow’s hideout. She finds the dart she’s been shot with on her neck and quickly takes it out so it wouldn’t hurt as much.

“Hi, Zappy.”

Zappy is startled when she hears this. She turns to see Electro and the group beside her. They’re altogether in the same cell. Glaceon is also there. Zappy smiles in relief when she sees her. She then looks out the cell window. It was sunset. It felt calm and soothing to her, like everything was going to be ok. But she is also worried about Comet. How is she going to save everyone alone?

“Oh, good. You’re all awake.”

Shadow appears outside the cell, smiling. Everyone turns to her. She’s captured everyone, now all she needs left is Comet. Shadow’s smile goes away when she sees Electro and Zappy in the cell too. She looks disgusted that they have to be in there. She said she thought they were her friends. Zappy speaks up when she says this.

“You might’ve thought we were your friends… but we weren’t. We were actually just trying to fight the urge from not obeying your orders. It was really hard trying not to ignore you.”

Shadow becomes furious at this. She yells at Zappy to be quiet. Zappy reads Shadow’s face and sees something in her that no one else notices. She sees sadness. After noticing, she frowns at her, not because she told her to be quiet, but because she feels sorry for her. She might not have known what Shadow went through in the past, but she knows that past events can change someone’s life forever.

Shadow is talking about how capturing Comet will make everything even. Electro is confused. He doesn’t understand why Comet is the target. This has been on his mind the entire time. So he asks Shadow why she wants Comet.

Shadow smiles devilishly. “Since Ghost is gone, Comet has no protector,” she says. “Ghost has been my primary target for years, now he’s gone. But now I have Comet to deal with. So I figure that if I get rid of her, she’ll be out of my hair as well…” She turns to face the group.

“Along with all of you.”

During the night, Comet fears about what Shadow might do to her friends. She has no reason to be afraid of Shadow… but she’s afraid that her friends might not come out of there in one piece. Thinking about this makes her stay awake all night. 

At sunrise, Comet starts searching for Galaxy, an Espeon. She’s friends with a lot of Eeveelutions, but her best friend is Glaceon. While Comet is searching, she tries to figure out a nickname for Glaceon.

“Icicle? Not really. Snowstorm? I don’t think that fits either.” Then she thinks she’s got one.


It felt nice for Comet to come up with a nickname for Glaceon. Comet didn’t have one until she met Electro, and now, Glaceon will finally have one too.

Galaxy, the Espeon was wandering near the town when Comet sees her. She tries to shout her name, but she can’t because of how tired she is. Instead, it only comes out as a whisper. This is enough for Galaxy to hear her, though. One thing about Galaxy is her really good hearing. She runs to Comet and smiles. Her smile soon fades as she looks at her.

“What happened to you?”

She explains how her friends being captured kept her awake all night and she couldn’t sleep. Galaxy nods, understanding. She asks if it was Shadow who captured them.

This makes Comet wake up a bit. “How did you know?”

“I’ve heard Shadow’s been going after you for quite a while now. I don’t know the reason why, though.”

At this point, Comet’s wondering if Electro had told Galaxy about their relationship as well. She doubts it, though, because Electro has never met Galaxy before. Probably.

“So, who is all captured?” Galaxy asks.

Comet tells her about all her new friends: Electro, Zappy, and Wave. But Galaxy winces when she hears Wave’s name.

“Isn’t that the Vaporeon who killed your brother… accidentally?”

Comet nods. She tells Galaxy how he killed him and that he apologized for what happened. He’s really nice once you get to know him.

Comet yawns, still feeling tired. Galaxy suggests that they rest first before doing anything too crazy, like confronting Shadow. They head for the forest, where Comet can rest. Then she falls on the grass and starts to sleep. Galaxy lay down beside her and closes her eyes too.


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