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Episode 9 of my story.

Posted by V1ZION - August 11th, 2022

You can read the entire story so far here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1507343

Ep 9: Taken

The group branches out to find Glaceon. Comet had just been with her earlier. So she goes to where they just were. She’s not there.

Zappy searches the forest, her normal spot. She’s not there either.

Wave searches the rest of the beach, which is very big. However, Glaceon isn’t there even though it’s so big. But he does see Electro turning a corner that leads to their training school. He runs to catch up with him, but when he turns the corner, he’s gone. Wave is very confused. He looks in all directions trying to find Electro. But then he feels something sting him on one of his front paws. He starts to feel woozy and eventually blacks out.

Zappy and Comet meet together again, waiting for Electro and Wave to come back. After waiting for several minutes, they start to get worried. They search for them together. They start with the forest again, but they don’t see them anywhere. Zappy thinks she’s found something to the left of her, so she runs to see what it is. Maybe it could be Wave, Electro, maybe even Glaceon. Once Comet catches up, she sees Zappy, along with someone else.

“No, it can’t be.”

It’s Shadow! And she has Zappy with her. Comet hides behind a tree and watches. She’s too far away for Shadow to see her. Then Shadow brings out a dart gun. Comet holds in a gasp, not wanting Shadow to hear her. Her eyes turn purple again. Shadow shoots Zappy with a dart. Zappy falls to the ground, unconscious, and Shadow drags her back to her hideout. Comet’s worried she might be the only one left.

“Have all my friends been captured too?”

She has no choice but to follow Shadow to her hideout and find her friends. But first, she needs to find someone else.


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