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Episode 8 of my story.

Posted by V1ZION - August 10th, 2022

You can read the entire story so far here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1507343

Ep 8: Feelings

Comet still can’t find Wave anywhere. She goes into the forest again, where she found Zappy before. She never usually goes in the forest; she easily gets lost in there. But Wave could be in there. Not surprisingly, she finds Zappy there instead, looking out into the distance. She still has that serious look on her face. But when she sees Comet out the corner of her eye, her mood instantly changes. She goes from her normal serious look to looking more wide-eyed and smiling brightly. Comet is very confused. She doesn’t know how to take this. Zappy says she knows about her and Electro too.

This wasn’t what Comet needed to hear right now. She felt her cheeks getting red again, but she refuses to show her embarrassment more. Zappy reads her face and her smile turns from a bright one to a slight one. She asks if Comet is ok. Comet only nods her head. Zappy doesn’t buy this and she frowns. She has the feeling that someone already told her about this and it made Comet feel uncomfortable. Now she just made it worse by telling her again.

Then Comet speaks up. She wanted this entire thing to stay between her and Electro. But she thinks Electro told them—Glaceon, Wave, and Zappy—about it. Then she asks Zappy: “Did Electro tell you?”

She hesitates to say yes, fearing it might upset her more. But she slowly nods her head anyway. Comet saw this coming, though, and Zappy sighs in relief.

But out of nowhere, Comet grabs on to Zappy’s arm and pulls her with her out of the forest. Zappy feels many emotions: surprise, annoyance, and confusion. It feels different. She gets free from Comet’s grasp, with an annoyed look. Comet smiles, knowing she got a reaction out of her. This is what Comet wanted. She asks to Zappy: “How does it feel?”

Zappy doesn’t feel annoyed anymore. She instead feels like she’s been used. She deflects Comet’s question by asking one of her own: “What are you trying to do?”

Comet opens her mouth to answer, but realizes she doesn’t need to. Zappy already figured it out. She wanted her to open up. All these feelings… they were getting to her. She faces down toward the ground and starts walking. Comet starts to “walk” with her. They were heading toward the beach. Soon, Comet stops. Zappy also stops and wonders what she’s looking at.

Comet sees something blue. Wave was there… but he’s talking to someone. It was Electro! Comet was already frustrated enough by him telling Glaceon and Zappy about them. Zappy sees Wave with Electro too and she looks back at Comet. She wasn’t happy with this at all. Her eyes were turning pink again. Zappy grabs Comet and goes somewhere where Wave and Electro can’t see them. Comet’s eyes stop turning pink. She’s confused again. Before Comet can say another word, Zappy gives her a big hug. She struggles to get out of it at first, but then remembers what she did to Zappy.

She wanted her to open up, and that’s exactly what she’s doing now.

She gives in to the hug and smiles deeply. A warm and friendly hug is what she needed right now. When Zappy stops, she flushes red but it soon goes away as she smiles more. Comet looks over to where Wave and Electro were. They’re still there. She no longer feels frustrated. Instead, she feels calm. She goes over to deal with them, still having a smile on her face.

Electro and Wave see her and try to hide what they were just talking about. However, Comet already knows what they were talking about and looks at Electro. He passes off a fake smile. Zappy speaks up. She talks about how Comet had said Electro told Glaceon and her about both of them, and how it made Comet really embarrassed. Hearing this makes Electro feel bad for Comet, like he had let her down by telling everyone. Because now, all three of them know about him and Comet. He apologizes to Comet for telling everyone. He just wanted to let everyone know how they were doing.

Comet understands and gives him a hug. The secret’s out now, so there’s no point in holding back.

Wave remembers that Comet was searching for him. “Comet, you wanted to see me, right?”

After she and Electro finish embracing, she nods. Now that everyone is here, they could take on Shadow together. She’s too powerful to take on alone. But Comet realizes that Glaceon isn’t here now.

So the search begins for her… and this time, everyone’s involved in it.


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