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Something important.

Posted by V1ZION - May 22nd, 2022

I didn’t really want to bring this out in the open but now is the best time, I think.

Last Sunday my Google account was hacked by some random guy in Brazil. What surprised me though is that when I got my account back, nothing was deleted or changed. Basically, all the person wanted to do was hack into my account and then delete it, which is pretty weird to me. Usually, I see people hacking into accounts and then compromising them in some big way, but that didn’t happen to me.

The next day, Monday, is the day I found out my account got hacked and was deleted. One of my friends in GD had messaged me asking why my YouTube channel was gone. He said:

”Sorry if I am invading your privacy. What happened to your YouTube channel? It’s ok if you can’t answer why you closed it (if it’s a personal reason), but please don’t get mad at me for asking.”

It was gone? So I went to look for it and it was totally gone. Then I looked at my emails and I had a security alert email and an account deleted email. After I recovered it, I replied to him:

“YouTube channel is back. Someone tried to delete my Google account but I was able to recover it in time. But I’m trying to get away from the internet for a few months. Don’t know how many tbh. Even though I’m on an internet break, I don’t want to delete everything off the internet. It’s not like I want my hard work to be gone. I’ve done this for 2 years and I’m not letting all my stuff go to waste because of someone else’s doing.”

We then had a conversation about it and it went like this:

My friend: “Wait, so your Google account got hacked? And the break from the internet… does it have anything to do with the whole thing?”

Me: Yes, my Google account was hacked but it’s been sorted out and luckily, they didn’t delete any of my videos (or really anything) in the process. My guess is that my password wasn’t secure enough and that they were able to get in without having to put in the phone number that is associated with the account because it never told me to change my phone number as well. The break is because of this. I think that if I just lay low for a few months, they won’t come back. They’ll see that I haven’t posted in a while. I don’t know if it’ll work like that but it can’t hurt to try. I’m also taking a break because I’ve been on the internet way too much like on Discord and YouTube and all that so I’m also trying to break away from all of that.”

My friend: “Oh dang, well, best of luck and stay safe. If you haven’t, you should change passwords, use 2 Factor Authentication, and check for malware (iOS is pretty safe though) like viruses or keyloggers.”

Me: “2FA is and has been on. There is no malware on my device and there hasn’t been any signs recently. I try to keep my passwords secure but I guess they weren’t secure enough.”

The conversation ended there. I probably should double-check for malware in the future just to be safe. But basically, this entire conversation summed up what’s going to happen. I won’t be online on Discord, I won’t uploading anything to YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. I am going to stay on Newgrounds though, because I’ve decided to stay here for whatever reason.

If anyone wants to message me, you can do it here or if you have a GD account, you can message me there. I have messages enabled to everyone. My GD username is V1ZI0N with a zero.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day and that I will never have to make this long of a post ever again.

Also, I will not be using my Google account in any way as of now. I have restricted myself to things that don’t use Google for your accounts. That means any contests that I’m in where you have to go to a Google Sheet or something to see the results of I won’t be able to see. It would be best if you just message me.


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